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Videos and Examples

Watch these videos to learn more.

*To view the videos, you might have to install the activex control when prompted.  If you are having trouble viewing the videos, you can download them to watch locally by clicking the download link.

Videos are in wmv format.

Introduction This is just a quick look around at all the features to get you started. Running Time 4min, 4sec
Adding an Item This video will walk you through adding your first entry. Running Time 5min, 50sec
Editing and Other Features. Editing an item and some other features. Running Time 4min, 55sec

Create Web Pages

With Canventory, you can generate web pages to post your collection on a web site.  Here are some examples from my collection.  Click on the links below to see the different styles.

Check out these samples...

Cone tops in a list format with links to details.
Cone tops in an image format with links to details

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