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Thanks to everyone who has contributed to Canventory in one way or another over the years.  Let me know if your name is not listed or donate to help fund future development and get your name on the list.  If your name is missing or if you want me to provide a link to your site, send me an email. 

Rick Waltemire.

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Jeff Musser   Jeff Brady  
Ethan Silverthorn   Jim McBride  
Alex Draper   Edward Hicks  
Dan Bora   David Schultz  
Steve Fernandes   Stephen Reames  
Wayne Fisher   Steve Gordon BeerCanMan
John Page   Bob Haboush  
Mike Beam   Brian Coughlin  
Jed Conroy   Brad Hanson  
Ron Zorn   Doug Shaiper  
Daniel Butler   Dan Scoglietti BeerCanMuseum
David Akin   Curtis Loeffler  
Scott Smith   Brian Langenbach  
Jeff Lynch   Jack Taylor  
Jody Otto   Charles Gray  
Andrew Jackl   John Ogurchak  
David Dosier   Jon Jones  
Gerald Cloutier   Allen Cesany  
Scott Gray   Jim Hall  
Randy Mishler   Christopher Watt  
Raymond Nolte   Craig Biddinger  
Jim Blackerby   Jerry Cole  
Kevin Straub   Dennis Kamovitch  
Mark Robertson   Clifford Treend  
Edward Rattigan   Martin Manley  
Michael Pope   Mike Ulm  
Michele Fritz   Tom Inman  
Philip Kelleher   Paul Rothrock  
David Siemer   Kevin Ivey  
Mike Campe   Steve Hawkins  
Richard Harford   Ceasar Gonzaga  
Philip Albert   Richard Ordeman  
Mark Loeck   Thomas Palka  
Bentley Ritchie   Shannon King  
Randy Anderson   Marc Miller  
Rand Lindsly   Michael Fritz  
Bob Oberaigner   Jeff Murbach  
Steve Rudkin   Tom Moore  
Rodney Varner   Matt DuRussel  

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